Thursday, January 26, 2012


Here are a few of Sutton's three month pictures, courtesy of MBC Photography.
I LOVE this bedding so much! I was so excited to use it for Sutton too!
I think his room is perfect! The only thing I changed was adding the banner. I made that:)

Sweet smile! Thanks for the outfit, Amelia:)

This was Chad's outfit. I have a picture of Cohen wearing it, so I needed one with Sutton in it too!

I know, enough with the owls! I've loved the owls since before I was pregnant with Cohen. I can't get over it!
Handsome naked owl!!

Sweet brothers!
Sutton's fussiness is much better. He is mostly happy and kicking and talking. I am now sure it was colic. He had all the trademark symptoms and signs. My girlfriend Scarlett told me how pitiful her son was until around 12 weeks when he "grew" out of it. I would say it was around 13-14 weeks for us, but it was magical. He became a new baby, and Chad became a new daddy! It's funny how women are just made to be mommies and can handle the crying so much easier then men. 
I am so in love with my babies. I am in constant awe of how much our lives have changed in two years. I absolutely LOVE having my boys so close in age. It has been so much fun! I hope for more children too. I just have to wait until Chad agrees....

Have a relaxing, rainy day.

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