Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Overall, A growing boy!

We went to the doctor today for an ultrasound and my 29 week appointment. The baby is measuring normally for his head, arms, and legs, but his little belly is measuring small. The belly is the most subjective measurement though due to the lack of bones in the abdomen, and the ability for it to get squished due to position of the baby.
The blood flow to the baby is normal though, which is great. That means there is no issue with my placenta or the baby's cord.
The plan is to repeat the ultrasound in 3 weeks and keep a close eye on him. If his belly falls off the growth curve at the next ultrasound, we would begin getting weekly ultrasounds to monitor him even MORE closely. Hopefully, we will not get to this.
Great news is that he is now HEAD DOWN!!! Woo-who! I know he still has 10ish weeks to flip again, but I am thinking he is going to be a sweet obedient child and stay head down:)
Here is a great picture of his little face. He doesn't look at all like Cohen. He is going to be his own little person.

We are still stuck on the name for this sweet guy. This week we are between Sutton and Ralston. As much as we both love "Cooper" I think we are going to take that name off the list. The main reason is because we would like more children and don't want to get stuck with "C" named children.

Btw, I am SO SO excited to have a Fall baby. Fall is the best time of the year, and October is the best month of the year. Taking 3-4 months off of work during fall and throughout the holidays is going to be so wonderful. Nurses don't get off holidays, so this will be a great fall/winter. I can't wait for it to cool down a bit so we can resume our trips to the zoo.
God is so great to us, and life is so wonderful!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look A-Likes

Everyone is always telling us how much Cohen looks like Chad. I completely agree. I think the only trait he has of mine is my dimpled chin. Yesterday, Chad's mom gave us some pictures of Chad's dad as a baby. Well, now we have decided Cohen looks JUST like his Papa Mike. Even more than he looks like Chad.
What do you think?

This one is where they look like twins. Can you see the resemblance?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun!

Cohen has had such a wonderfully fun summer! He goes to his Nana and Papa Mike's house on the days I work. His cousin Cale is there on the same days and they have so much fun. He loves going to his grandparents' house and seeing Aunt Lora and the rest of the family too! Nana starts the day by taking Cohen to Green Hills Starbucks for some conversation and coffee. Cohen has been somewhat of a regular there since he was born. Nana goes there every morning and takes Cohen when he's with her.  Then the boys, Nana, and Lora go for a morning stroll before it gets too hot. Recently, Co and Cale have started playing together and becoming friends. Nana said they walk around holding hands often. So cute! 
On most days, Cohen and Cale have water days with Nana and Lora.  Cohen loves the water, even a little blow-up pool is great for him. Cale isn't as excited about water, he would rather ride his big-wheel. 
Cohen on the left, Cale on the right holding hands without being told:)

Cohen on a stroll with Nana watching an airplane

Cale and Cohen playing in the "pool."

Cohen has also been going to Miss Lily since he was 6 months old. She watches Cohen when Nana or Lora can't keep him. Cohen LOVES Miss Lily. Her house has so many fun toys, a keyboard, a train, balloons hanging, music playing, and bright colors on the walls. It's like a kid fun-factory!  When we drive by Miss Lily's neighborhood, he says "Wola" because that's what he calls her. He gets so excited to see her. He will be spending a couple of days a week with her starting next month. There is a new girl at Lily's named London. Cohen seems to think she's cute.
On the baby front.....
We still haven't decided on a name for baby boy. We have 5 names we are trying to decide from. The first names are, in no particular order:
1) Cooper
2) Spencer
3) Sutton
4) Foster
5) Ralston
We both go back and forth almost daily on what order we list these names. Today Chad and I both like Ralston the best, but I still am pushing for Sutton. Yesterday Chad told me he wanted him to be named Cooper, yet last week he said he wanted to take Cooper off the list totally because he didn't like it at all.  This is how this entire pregnancy has been for us. We agreed that if one of us feels really strongly about one of these names, then the other of us will agree to that name. The problem is, we wavier daily. I don't mind waiting until he is born to name him, but Chad thinks we will still have the same problem and be unable to decide. I am starting to agree with him. So we really want to have a name before he arrives.
I am 28 weeks pregnant, so we have about 3 months to get this sweet boy named.
I have another ultrasound next week to check his growth since I am on a beta-blocker to control my crazy fast heart rate. Beta-blockers can make the baby small, so Dr. Yu is keeping a close eye on him. Cohen measured small, but he was almost 8 pounds! I was on bedrest for 4 weeks with Cohen due to low fluid. I am praying that I have no bedrest this pregnancy, and I am able to work until the week I am due.
A wonderful perk to my job is that I can look at the baby with the ultrasound machine whenever I want. I check him out almost every week to see what he's doing in there. I am so spoiled considering most Mommies don't see there baby but once or twice the whole pregnancy. I am slightly concerned that this boy is breech. He turned on Saturday night. I was laying in bed and I felt his feet marching on the side of my stomach. Chad and I were laughing at how we could feel his tiny little feet going crazy. Then a few minutes later, I felt those little feet really low in my stomach. I checked with the ultrasound machine the next day, and, yep, he is breech. Little Turkey!! He still has plenty of time and room to get in the correct position though. But if he is still breech in 2 weeks, I am going to start doing all the midwife tricks to get him to turn head down. I'll keep you updated!
I am hoping to have great news to report next week when I have my growth ultrasound. I'll post pictures then. Hopefully of a big boy with plenty of fluid to hang out in:)