Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sick boy(s)!

I will be the first to get super-pumped when winter arrives and beg for snow. I LOVE winter. But I am ready for spring because Old Man Winter is making all 3 of my boys sick. Sutton has been coughing for a few days now but his personality is still as precious and bubbly as ever. Chad feels puny. Cohen, on the contrary, is pitiful.

He has a fever of 102-103.5 the past two days and his nose is like a faucet on full blast, and he is coughing so much. He keeps saying, "Crash, ears, loud!" I am not sure if this is because he is talking about his trip with Daddy to the Monster Truck Show Saturday, or if he is trying to tell me his ears hurt. I know that often times, you don't give antibiotics to kids 2 and over for ear infections and instead just tough it out until it goes away. So as of now, I don't have a doctor appointment scheduled for him. Just lots of Emergen-C and love from Mommy.

I took Sutton to the amazing sitter Miss Lily today and decided to have a cuddly day with my sick bigger boy. So I went to Walmart to get Vicks Vapor-rub to put on his feet. And we saw this movie. It's one of Cohen's favorite books. We had to get it. Cohen carried it the whole time and wanted to watch it as soon as we got home.

He still takes a paci at bedtime and naptime. I will take it away one day, but not today. He only wants the paci upside-down though! He also has to have his dog all the time. He plays with his tail as you can see in this picture. Poor baby feels like poo.

Sutton spits up A TON. I'm sure I've said this before. Well, Monday night before I went to work, he spit up a large amount as he often does, but this time it was full of coffee-ground looking stuff. As a nurse I know that usually means there is old blood somewhere in his stomach or esophagus. I felt a bit panicked and called the on-call doc who said it sounds like there is an irritated area in his little esophagus from all the spitting up he does. He did it again yesterday. I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow. He doesn't seem to be hurting at all and is still a smiling, laughing ball of joy. But I am a bit worried for my littlest one:(

And here is a sweet picture of my loves on Sunday at Nana and Pop's house after church. They are starting to interact with each other. Sutton giggles at Cohen and Cohen always looks for Sutton as asks for him when he isn't in the same room. I LOVE this small age gap. I highly recommend having your kids this close in age....At least I do now. I may change my mind as Sutton becomes mobile.
Hoping for some healthy boys in the Cochrane house soon!

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  1. Oh no! Wishing for a speedy recovery! Ethan kept his paci intilna little over two. No rush- they have their whole life to be big boys:)