Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the Grind.

I started back to work on Friday the 13th! I know, what was I thinking?! It was a very busy day of delivering babies. I didn't eat a morsel of food until 3pm. I am working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The first Saturday I worked was also the first day Chad kept both boys. This was by his design. Let's just say 11am Saturday I had received 6 texts from him related to the kids. They went something like this:
"Can I feed Sutton yet?"
"Does he cry all the time?"
"When can I put him down for a nap?"
"I don't know how you do this!"
"I can't get him to stop crying!"
and lastly.. "Something is wrong with this kid. He's not right."

When I finally had a moment to check my phone at 11 and see all this I immediatley called Chad. I reassured him that our sweet child is fine, he just hasn't ever spent the day alone with Chad, so they will have to get a routine going.
The next day Chad woke up late and was 20 minutes late to church. He called me on his way to church sounding panicked because he was late. I tried to assure him that 1) Our church has three services. It's not a big deal if he doesn't make the 8:30 service.2) God understands if he is late:) 3) He should give himself some credit for getting himself and the boys dressed, fed, and out the door ONLY 20 minutes late.
So, he had a rough first weekend at Daddy Daycare. I know he will become a pro in no time though.
Before long, he will have such a routine with the boys that, when I am off work on the weekends, I will just "mess" up the routine.

I did fine back at work. I missed my children, of course, but I LOVE my job (most days) which makes it easy to clock in for my 12 hour shifts.
I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping to quit working Sundays soon!

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