Thursday, January 26, 2012


Here are a few of Sutton's three month pictures, courtesy of MBC Photography.
I LOVE this bedding so much! I was so excited to use it for Sutton too!
I think his room is perfect! The only thing I changed was adding the banner. I made that:)

Sweet smile! Thanks for the outfit, Amelia:)

This was Chad's outfit. I have a picture of Cohen wearing it, so I needed one with Sutton in it too!

I know, enough with the owls! I've loved the owls since before I was pregnant with Cohen. I can't get over it!
Handsome naked owl!!

Sweet brothers!
Sutton's fussiness is much better. He is mostly happy and kicking and talking. I am now sure it was colic. He had all the trademark symptoms and signs. My girlfriend Scarlett told me how pitiful her son was until around 12 weeks when he "grew" out of it. I would say it was around 13-14 weeks for us, but it was magical. He became a new baby, and Chad became a new daddy! It's funny how women are just made to be mommies and can handle the crying so much easier then men. 
I am so in love with my babies. I am in constant awe of how much our lives have changed in two years. I absolutely LOVE having my boys so close in age. It has been so much fun! I hope for more children too. I just have to wait until Chad agrees....

Have a relaxing, rainy day.

Back to the Grind.

I started back to work on Friday the 13th! I know, what was I thinking?! It was a very busy day of delivering babies. I didn't eat a morsel of food until 3pm. I am working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The first Saturday I worked was also the first day Chad kept both boys. This was by his design. Let's just say 11am Saturday I had received 6 texts from him related to the kids. They went something like this:
"Can I feed Sutton yet?"
"Does he cry all the time?"
"When can I put him down for a nap?"
"I don't know how you do this!"
"I can't get him to stop crying!"
and lastly.. "Something is wrong with this kid. He's not right."

When I finally had a moment to check my phone at 11 and see all this I immediatley called Chad. I reassured him that our sweet child is fine, he just hasn't ever spent the day alone with Chad, so they will have to get a routine going.
The next day Chad woke up late and was 20 minutes late to church. He called me on his way to church sounding panicked because he was late. I tried to assure him that 1) Our church has three services. It's not a big deal if he doesn't make the 8:30 service.2) God understands if he is late:) 3) He should give himself some credit for getting himself and the boys dressed, fed, and out the door ONLY 20 minutes late.
So, he had a rough first weekend at Daddy Daycare. I know he will become a pro in no time though.
Before long, he will have such a routine with the boys that, when I am off work on the weekends, I will just "mess" up the routine.

I did fine back at work. I missed my children, of course, but I LOVE my job (most days) which makes it easy to clock in for my 12 hour shifts.
I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping to quit working Sundays soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tidbits to Remember.

I have a few things I want to get "written" in cyberspace before I forget them. I will print this blog one day and put it in a pretty, leather-bound book to I can reference it all my days.:)

Cohen loves to eat. Most days. The past few days he starts asking to eat around 4pm. He doesn't just want a snack, he wants dinner. We don't eat dinner until Chad gets home at 6:30. Well, Cohen is already acting just like a sterotypical man.... Once I go in the kitchen to start dinner Cohen climbs into his highchair and sits and watches me while I cook... all while saying, "eeeeeeat!" over and over again, along with a fit thrown here and there. Seriously? I always said I would never marry a man who expected a hot dinner on the table every night. I didn't marry one, I birthed one. Hmm.
Cohen also loves, loves monster trucks. After the aforementioned dinner, Chad and his mini-me sit on the couch and watch monster trucks for about 30 minutes until Cohen's bedtime. It is so sweet. Cohen pats the couch and says, "sit, Momma, sit." He thinks I should be just as excited about those trucks as he is.
Since Sutton was born he also says, "ooot" often. What does "ooot" mean you ask?
It means "hold me" of course. Whenever he wants to be held he says, "ooot, ooot, Momma." I love this age where they say things wrong. I don't want to correct him because it is so cute. So instead, Chad and I say "ooot" whenever we want to hold him. I know, totally against what smart parents should do.
Oh, and our smart little kiddo now knows his colors. At least blue and green. The others are a crap-shoot, though.
And sweet Sutton is such a delight. He has slept from 6pm-7am the last three nights!!!! Woo-who. I still dreamfeed him at 9pm though. I am fully convinced that either 1) we are SUPER lucky parents who created great sleepers or 2) Babywise method works! Either way, we are feeling fab lately with our full-nights sleep. Just in time for me to go back to work.

I Hope you have a great day and "Ooot" someone you love!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I know I've already blogged once this week, but today calls for another entry. It has been one of those days that I want to remember forever. If you're short on time, skip to the blue text.

I usually sleep until 7:30-8 when the boys get up. Today I was nursing Sutton when Chad woke up at 5:50, so instead of going back to sleep I got dressed, make-up applied, breakfast eaten and was on my first of 2 cups of coffee before the boys woke up. (It is always nice to wake up with a quiet house and spend some alone time).

After breakfast we went to Publix to get groceries and Sutton's Zantac. On the way to Publix we pass Kroger where there is a construction site with 5 construction vehicles. Cohen knows they are there and always does the sign-language and then says, "Peeeaaaaas," when we pass them. He wants to go watch them work. I promised him we watch them later today. We were in Publix for about 30 minutes. Roughly 25 of those minutes he kept saying, "More peas" with the sign language included, over and over and over and over again. I knew he meant "More trucks please."
We left Publix (with no shoes if I may add. He kicks them off as soon as he gets in a shopping cart) and went to Kroger. We were in a hurry because I had to pick up some things at Kroger and Mollie was coming over to take Sutton's 3 month pictures. We just drove by the trucks R-E-A-L-L-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y and then went inside Kroger. Cohen screamed and kicked and wanted more trucks.
We got home and did pictures with Aunt Mollie with only minor breakdowns. When the pictures were finished, Sutton had fallen asleep in a basket Mollie had him in for the pictures. Mollie and I were chatting and not really paying attention to Cohen. So it was so cute when we went to get Sutton out of the basket and noticed Cohen had given Sutton his own lovie, doggy, blanket, and other lovie that he sleeps with:) They were all laying on top of sweet Sutton. What a great brother to share his only doggie and lovie! Made my heart smile!!!

After naptime, we were going to the park to play with Rowena and Woodson. We usually play at Owl Creek Park and Cohen LOVES to swing. Today we planned to meet them at the park across from Brentwood library instead. So I put the boys in the car and told Cohen we were going to swing with Woodson. He kept saying, "swiiiiing, Wooson!" as we drove towards the park. Oh, he was also clapping his hands excitedly the whole way. As we drove past Owl Creek park he immediately began kicking and screaming, "swiiiing!" He knew we just passed the swings and he was ticked. We got to the park and all was well.

Now the fun part of my day.....
On the way home from the park he began saying, "more peas" as he could see Kroger. So we drove over and sat in our car and watched the diggers (or "giggers" as he calls them) for 10 minutes or so before we left. It takes 2 minutes, literally, to get to our house from Kroger. I get Cohen out of the car and smell something sour. I put him down so he can walk inside while I carry Sutton. I notice Cohen's bum looks damp in his jeans. I naturally assume he has sat in some water at the playground...until we get inside. I then notice brown going up the back of his shirt, (don't ask how I didn't see the massive amount of poop on his white shirt, yet I noticed that his dark-colored jeans were "damp" ?!) So I immediately picked him up and went straight to our bathroom, leaving Sutton sleeping downstairs in his carseat. I stripped Cohen in the bathroom, noticed there was poo up to his neck, wiped his bum, and threw him in the tub just as Sutton started crying to eat. I had tossed the fragrant diaper in the garage trash, and put the poop clothes in the washer, yet our master bathroom reeked, bad!! I decided to nurse Sutton in the bathroom while Cohen played in the tub. This went well for about 5 minutes of our usual 20 minute long nursing time. Out of nowhere, I heard tub bubbles and Cohen said, "I shoo-shoo." I took Sutton off the boob with no regard to the fact that he was in the appetizer stage of his dinner, put him on a towel on the bathroom floor and ran to the tub. Thank goodness there wasn't poop in the tub, but I knew I didn't have long to prevent that from being the case. I pulled Co out of the tub, (I already had given him the male equivalent of a whore bath) dried him quickly, and threw a diaper on him. All this was done while he kept repeating, "I shoo-shoo." Poor Sutton lay on the floor the entire time screaming at the top of his lungs because his second-hand peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I had eaten for lunch was rudely taken from him without warning.
Cohen pooped his diaper about 20 minutes later,... through his diaper and onto his pjs. Yep, we have a stomach bug here it seems. Fantastic! This isn't going to be easy. Chad came home about 2 hours after the initial poop fiasco and said our house smelled like poo. Nice! Anyone want to come over for dinner:) ??

Hope you all have a poop-free day!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sutton is Three Months Old!

I cannot believe how fast time flies! I know I say that all the time, but it is flying by. Sutton is growing so big so fast. He is such a joy. He loves smiling and cooing. He is mostly over his colic, thank goodness. His fussiness now seems to be the normal amount. He loves taking baths and laughing at his brother. Cohen thinks it is so funny when Sutton smiles and coos. Cohen will let out a cackle when Sutton smiles at him.

Sweet, sweet brothers.

This is, by far, my favorite picture

Cohen loves the Bumbo. He likes to sit in it when Sutton isn't.

Always sucking his thumb.
Sutton is a good little sleeper again. We went through a rough patch for a couple of weeks, but we are back on track. He goes to bed around 6pm, nurses at 10pm, then sleeps until 5am. Sometimes I will put him back to sleep at 5am and he will sleep until 8 when Cohen wakes up. We let Cohen "cry it out" when he was around 8 weeks. It seems kind of early to me now, but it worked. So we decided to move Sutton to his crib last week and let him cry it out. It took about 45 minutes the first night, about 20 the second night, and every since then he goes right to sleep when we put him in his crib. He rolls to his right side, sucks his thumb, and grabs his lovie.
I love it that both of my boys love their sleep. It makes for a happy family!!

I am going back to work next week after 15 weeks off. I am pretty bummed about it, but then I remind myself that
1) I love my job
2) I've missed my work friends
3) I only work 2-3 days a week and make a normal salary.

Thanks for reading!!

Christmas Fun!

 We had such a great Christmas celebration this year. Christmas Eve was spent at our house. We had my parents, grandparents, sister and niece over for dinner. After dinner we played Mexican Train Dominoes. We like to play this when we have everyone together.

We had a wonderful Christmas day too! Cohen seemed to somewhat "get" the gift thing this year. He wanted to open up the presents, but then would become enamored with whatever gift he opened, and did not want to move onto the next gift. It was easy to decide what to get Cohen for Christmas. He LOVES trucks and cars. Mostly monster trucks. He spends 90% of his day pushing cars and trucks around the house. He also got a tool bench and some tools, but he hasn't really been interested in those yet.
We let Sutton sleep through the gift opening on Christmas morning. Mostly so we could stay on our normal Sunday morning schedule, and also so we could have a happy baby through church verses a sleepy, cranky baby:)
We went to church with Chad's family on Christmas, and then went to their house to open gifts and eat lunch. Here are some pictures from Christmas Day.
He doesn't have pants on because he peed on them:)

He did not seem to like this!

Cohen and his cousin Cale play so good together.

Happy Boy!!