Friday, March 1, 2013

Crazy Child of Mine

I took the boys to the church down the street (where we also attend often) to play on their playground. It is fenced in and we were the only ones there. It was so much fun. soon as we got there Cohen went down one of the slides right into a puddle. I didn't see this happen, but he comes waddling over to me saying his pants are wet. Sure enough, they were saturated from top to bottom in the back. I told him he would have to keep them on, take them off and play with no pants, or we would have to go home.
He chose to take them was 60-something degrees Monday. He played for almost an hour with no pants.
Crazy boy!

What a fun day! This one is one for the memory books!
I am so blessed to have been choosen to be these boys mother.

Music Time

Our great friend Bennett turned 1 last week, and we were invited to his birthday party. Cohen didn't go because he had been feeling a little puny, so Sutton and I had a date night to the party.
Bennett's mommy threw a great party for him. She invited Mrs. Sara who does music for children at local places and parties.
It was very cute and interactive. The kids all loved it! It was the best first birthday party I have ever attended, hands down. It was all about the kids.
Sutton had a great time playing the instruments, dancing, and singing.
The kids all took home party favor bags with a maracca and a whistle that looked like a bird. They also got a kazoo from Mrs. Sara. Sutton shook the maracca and blew the kazoo the whole 25 minute ride home!
 Thank you, Mrs. Scarlett for such an awesome party.

House is started!

The boys and I drove by our home site today and saw this....

Sorry about the quality of the second picture.  The boys were so excited to see a big truck at our lot.
I am not sure what that big truck is doing, but it sure looks cool.
The foundation is done, the framing wood has been delivered, and the framing should start at the end of next week.