Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Fun!

 We had such a great Christmas celebration this year. Christmas Eve was spent at our house. We had my parents, grandparents, sister and niece over for dinner. After dinner we played Mexican Train Dominoes. We like to play this when we have everyone together.

We had a wonderful Christmas day too! Cohen seemed to somewhat "get" the gift thing this year. He wanted to open up the presents, but then would become enamored with whatever gift he opened, and did not want to move onto the next gift. It was easy to decide what to get Cohen for Christmas. He LOVES trucks and cars. Mostly monster trucks. He spends 90% of his day pushing cars and trucks around the house. He also got a tool bench and some tools, but he hasn't really been interested in those yet.
We let Sutton sleep through the gift opening on Christmas morning. Mostly so we could stay on our normal Sunday morning schedule, and also so we could have a happy baby through church verses a sleepy, cranky baby:)
We went to church with Chad's family on Christmas, and then went to their house to open gifts and eat lunch. Here are some pictures from Christmas Day.
He doesn't have pants on because he peed on them:)

He did not seem to like this!

Cohen and his cousin Cale play so good together.

Happy Boy!!

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