Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tidbits to Remember.

I have a few things I want to get "written" in cyberspace before I forget them. I will print this blog one day and put it in a pretty, leather-bound book to I can reference it all my days.:)

Cohen loves to eat. Most days. The past few days he starts asking to eat around 4pm. He doesn't just want a snack, he wants dinner. We don't eat dinner until Chad gets home at 6:30. Well, Cohen is already acting just like a sterotypical man.... Once I go in the kitchen to start dinner Cohen climbs into his highchair and sits and watches me while I cook... all while saying, "eeeeeeat!" over and over again, along with a fit thrown here and there. Seriously? I always said I would never marry a man who expected a hot dinner on the table every night. I didn't marry one, I birthed one. Hmm.
Cohen also loves, loves monster trucks. After the aforementioned dinner, Chad and his mini-me sit on the couch and watch monster trucks for about 30 minutes until Cohen's bedtime. It is so sweet. Cohen pats the couch and says, "sit, Momma, sit." He thinks I should be just as excited about those trucks as he is.
Since Sutton was born he also says, "ooot" often. What does "ooot" mean you ask?
It means "hold me" of course. Whenever he wants to be held he says, "ooot, ooot, Momma." I love this age where they say things wrong. I don't want to correct him because it is so cute. So instead, Chad and I say "ooot" whenever we want to hold him. I know, totally against what smart parents should do.
Oh, and our smart little kiddo now knows his colors. At least blue and green. The others are a crap-shoot, though.
And sweet Sutton is such a delight. He has slept from 6pm-7am the last three nights!!!! Woo-who. I still dreamfeed him at 9pm though. I am fully convinced that either 1) we are SUPER lucky parents who created great sleepers or 2) Babywise method works! Either way, we are feeling fab lately with our full-nights sleep. Just in time for me to go back to work.

I Hope you have a great day and "Ooot" someone you love!

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