Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today was a great day. Cohen and I went shopping at Hill Center in Green Hills before I had my doctor appointment. Then we were off to the doctor for an ultrasound and a 12 week check up. I was prepared with many things to ward off a toddler break down. I had grapes, goldfish, milk, and water, along with toys and books. Thank goodness I was the first appointment after lunch for my ultrasound so there was minimal waiting. Cohen was in his stroller with goldfish and grapes on the stroller tray to keep him busy so I could focus on watching the baby on the TV on the wall. I sneak peeks at this baby often when I can at work and she/he is always just laying around barely moving. Not today! This kid was moving so much it was difficult for the sonographer to get a good image of his/her neck, which is what she needs to see for the test. So while we are watching the baby waiting for him/her to cooperate, I am blindly handing Cohen goldfish, grapes, and his milk cup. We were going to try to look between the legs to see the sex, but it took so long to get an accurate picture of the neck and Cohen was getting really irritable so we didn't even attempt to see the sex. No big deal though. I will find out soon enough. As far as a name... the way things are going this baby will be named after he/she is born. We have a list of 7-10 girl names and 5-7 boy names. Unless something changes, we will name the baby after we meet her/him.
Cohen has developed an extreme fasination with lights and fans over the past two weeks. EVERYTIME we walk under a light or he notices a light he points to it and says"light." And now that he knows how the light switches work, he wants you to hold him so he can flip the switches.  He cackles as he flips the switches. It is so funny and cute, I don't care if I end up blowing all the bulbs in my house with him flipping switches. We were visiting Dr Yu today and she held him while we listened to the baby's heartbeat. He looked at the doppler as she listened to the baby and turned his head like a puppy at the heartbeat sound, then he just pointed up and said "light."
It is so hard to believe we will have another baby around the house in a few months. I think it's going to take awhile to sink in!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chad and Cohen's birthdays

                                         The first taste of sugar! Yummy! Because my mommy doesn't even let me drink juice.
                                          Four of my favorite girls in the world. There are nine
                                          of us that have been best girls since freshman
                                          year at Lipscomb. And their "baby boyfriend."
                                          Chad and I on his 30th birthday last week!

Oh, what a great baby daddy!

Okay, so first off, this blogging thing is not "user-friendly" in my opinion. I can't figure out how to keep my title and header on the page. When I added a background, it took away my header and title. And, I am still trying to figure out how to post multiple pics at one time with captions. Agh! Help please!

So, today is Chad's last day as a SAHD. I am so sad, and I know Cohen is too.
Chad and I met when I was 18 and he was 19, dated on and off for 5 years, then became engaged and married in 2006. I remember reading Francine Rivers book Redeeming Love in 2005 when we were "off." I read that book and cried and realized that Chad was Michael from the book. He would follow me anywhere, hold me accountable, and love me with his whole being. I knew that day that I MUST marry this man. I always knew he would be a great dad, but I never knew he would be a much better dad than I am a mom. Seriously, he is fantastic with Cohen! Cohen prefers Chad over me most of the time.
It hit me the other day how sad I was that we weren't going to be spending Monday through Friday together all day anymore. I work every Saturday and Sunday, so once he starts work again tomorrow I will only see him at night from 6-10pm.

God is so great and faithful to us! When Chad lost his job in January we had very mixed feelings about it. He was beyond ready for a job change, but ideally he would have another job before leaving the last one. So, we watched our money closely since the only income that was coming in was from me working my 2-3 days a week as a nurse. We were prepared to drain our "emergency savings fund." Oh, and I didn't even mention that Chad had a company vehicle, so we were down to 1 car once he was unemployed. I am a worrier, (which Chad and my mother say shows a lack of faith) so I was almost panick-stricken at our situation.
Well the last day of Chads job, his buddy since childhood said he could borrow his truck until Chad got a new job. What? For free? Yes, God is great! Chad had interviews almost immediately. He was offered a job the second week he was unemployed. We prayed about it, and realized that was not the job for Chad. We realized we were taking a huge risk by passing up a job in this economy. But somehow, I felt so peaceful. I just knew God was taking care of us and would see us through this tough time. Several weeks went by with no interviews. I was getting called off of work because there aren't many people having babies in this economy. So I wasn't getting a full paycheck. And we found out I was pregnant with baby #2 one month into Chad's unemployment!
One day a buddy of Chads told him about a job opening for a sales position. Chad has no sales experience. He went in for an interview and it didn't go well because they really wanted someone with strong sales experience. Three interviews and a personality test later, Chad got the job! The boss told Chad that he interview several people with sales experience but kept coming back to Chad because he could tell he was a hard-worker, intelligent, and level-headed. Go Chaddy!! I am so proud of him!
And the best part of this whole story...we never had to use a dollar of our savings account. God has provided for us beyond expectations. We have had so much time to spend together as a family, and have not been financially stressed even once! I hope to keep these last three months in the front of my mind forever to remind me how faithful and wonderful our God is.
Happy day to all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Day!

Today my mom Mimi and my neice Ariel came to visit. While I was waiting on them to get here, Chad went to the chiropractor, Cohen was napping, and I was enjoying a cup of iced coffee on the back porch. After Chad had been gone for 30 minutes or so, I went to go inside to use the restroom and get Cohen out of his crib since he was awake. But wait...Chad had locked me out! Surely this cannot be my luck...my bladder is about to explode, my child is now starting to cry, and I am stuck outside. I called Chad, he didn't answer. I texted Chad that he had locked me out and Cohen was crying in the crib, and he replied that he would not be home for at least 45 minutes! Totally unacceptable. He is usually a very wonderful father and husband, however the 45 minute comment was not very wonderful. So he rescheduled his appointment at the chiro and came home just as my mom and neice arrived.
We went to the zoo once we rescued Co from his crib. It was a total madhouse. I forgot sunscreen for us so I had to buy some overpriced sunscreen at the gift shop. Cohen and Ariel had a blast even if all the animals were super lazy and did nothing but lay around. Even every one of the flamingos were sleeping with their little heads tucked on their backs standing on one foot.
Interesting side story.... when I was in fifth grade and just starting middle school there was this bully girl in the eight grade who told everyone in the school that she was going to beat me up. I never knew what her issue with me was, but anyways, this went on for weeks, maybe months. She would call me names and give me dirty looks. One day she said she was going to "catch" me after school and beat me up at the flagpole. I remember not really ever being scared of her and even telling her I would "meet" her at the flagpole. I don't know if I was stupid or just a sassy, skinny girl who refused to be bullied. But she never met me that day at the flagpole and I never remember seeing her much after that day. Until today at the zoo!!! I had on sunglasses so she couldn't tell that I was staring at her, but we made eye contact. I laughed in my head because she stared at me like she was trying to figure out if she knew me or not. Then I went to go to the bathroom and she was the last one in line. I decided I could hold it rather than stand akwardly next to her in line for 10 minutes. Fun day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Who turned on the Flux Capacitor?

I've learned that time goes into warp speed when you become a parent. So I am going to blog to keep myself, and anyone else who cares, reminded of how awesome life is and include all the memories that I want to keep fresh.
I came home from work today, looked at my child toddling around the house with blocks in his hand and realized that he is a big boy. It is bittersweet. I am so proud of him and all that he learns everyday, yet I miss the cuddly, not-so-busy, nursing baby that I had two months ago.

Cohen is such a daddy's boy now. Since Chad has been a stay-at-home dad, Cohen prefers him. I get it though.... Chad is way more fun than me. They have their own little routine that I am not privy to. But Chad is going back to work in 2 weeks which will be so sad for both Cohen and me. I don't know how I will handle such a wild man by myself 5 days a week. I guess we will spend a lot of time at the Y! I am not above going to the gym more for childcare and a moment to myself, than the actual exercise:)

And big news....we are expecting baby # 2 in October. I am 11 weeks. And yes, we were somewhat planning this. We want our children close in age. And no, I don't "really" want a girl. I really don't care. When you are a nurse in obstetrics and see all the unimaginable things that can happen to a child you realize how little the sex of a child matters. Chad really is pulling for a girl though:)