Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who has the crazier family....?

Chad and I have been "together" for 11 years this week!! I put that in quotes because we had an on-again, off-again period in college. Chad is the city boy who lived in the heart of Green Hills his whole life, and I grew up in the countryside of Fairview. Our families are definitely different; mine are country folks who eat goat for Christmas dinner, and his, well they would never serve goat for dinner. I do have a large family. My dad is one of five, and my mom is one of eleven.
Chad seems to think that my family is crazy. There does seem to be some odd or funny thing happening to someone in my family monthly. And there has been several occasions over the years that he has said, "Kelly's family is crazy." Well, on Friday night Chad was sure he had the "proof" that my family was crazy.
I was watching Dateline, and Chad was on the phone with his brother and looking on the Internet. Dateline was about a double murder story in Georgia. About halfway through the show a woman appears on screen that I am sure is my aunt. I immediately pause the TV. This is how our conversation goes.

Me: Chad, that is my aunt on TV. (pointing to TV)
Chad: Hold on, Kyle. I'm gonna have to call you back. Apparently Kelly's aunt is on Dateline.
Chad: Kelly, are you sure? What did she do? Did she kill someone?

I unpause the TV and yep, it's my aunt. It even says her name. Thank goodness she was not involved at all in the double murder, just had to testify in the murder trial because she was the alleged killer's real estate agent.
I call my mother as soon as a commercial comes on because this aunt is on her side of the family. This is how our conversation goes.

Me: Mom, are you watching Dateline?
Mom: Yes, why?
Me: Did you see Aunt Christie on there?
Mom: Yes
Me: Mom, were you not going to tell me that your sister-in-law was going to be on Dateline?
Mom: Well, I forgot about it until your Nanny called and reminded me about it.

I will add that my mother seemed to be unfazed that someone in our family was on TV! So in the end, this little story does not "prove" that my family is crazier. My aunt is sweet and normal, as is the rest of my family. Chad seemed to be a little let down that her appearance on Dateline was not more exciting.

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  1. OMG seriously. Our family is not crazy just INTERESTING.....nothing wrong with that. I mean there is never a boring moment on holidays and family get togethers. Just remind Chad that they are his family now so I guess that means he is CRAZY....lol... Love yall and miss my CRAZY FAMILY...XOXOXOXOXO