Friday, April 15, 2011

Naming a Child is Difficult. Help!

Cohen after our day at the park.

Cohen waves everytime I put a camera in his face lately. This doesn't look much like a wave though!
 We are now 14.5 weeks pregnant. The second trimester has begun and we should know the sex of this little sprout this weekend! I have only gained 1 pound which I am thrilled about! I am still wearing my normal clothes and jeans. I wore my regular jeans until 20 weeks with Cohen, but your uterus typically "grows" faster with subsequent pregnancies, so we will see. I hate the chubby pregnant look that lasts until about 26 weeks when you can definitely tell there's a baby bump. I'm looking forward to the cute pregnant belly. I really enjoy being pregnant. It annoys me greatly to hear women whining about being pregnant. I want to say, "Suck it up!" So many women would love to be throwing up everyday, peeing on themselves when they sneeze, and having agonizing back pain. It is a blessing to be pregnant, and many women do not get to experience that blessing.
So we are having difficulties coming up with a boy name. Our favorite name is Sutton. That was our second choice for Cohen. I love, love, love Sutton. However, I think Sutton and Cohen are way too similar? What do you think? Honestly. I really would like input from everyone. We have 2 other boy names that we agree on if we don't use Sutton.
Thanks for reading my honest rambling:)

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  1. Hey great Blogg,I tell everyone they should name their kids the same letter so when you start saying their name you are at least half way correct and don't end up calling them walec like I do. That makes me feel like the worst mom ever when I do that.And the monogrammed things can be passed down. I love the name Colten but that is really close to Cohen.Caleb,Curtis,Chris.Hope ya'll are doing well God bless!