Monday, April 11, 2011

We Shall See...

I am 14.1 weeks today. When I was pregnant with Cohen I was 99% sure he was a boy at 13 weeks, and then 100% sure at 15 weeks. There is a reason doctors make you wait until at least 18 weeks to see the sex of the baby. Girl parts can look like boy parts on ultrasound if you look too early. I've had friends that were sure they were having a boy only to discover at 18 weeks that it was a girl.
So with all that said.... at 14 weeks it appears to be a boy this time, too! I think another boy would be so much fun for Cohen, and so easy for us as a family considering these babies will be 19 months apart. I will feel pretty certain it is a boy by 16 weeks if we are able to get good views between the legs. So we shall see.... Of course a girl would be wonderful as well!
We realize how wonderfully blessed we are in so many ways. God is good!

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  1. A boy would be nice, but Taylor needs another girl in the neighborhood. She is a little outnumbered :)