Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today was a great day. Cohen and I went shopping at Hill Center in Green Hills before I had my doctor appointment. Then we were off to the doctor for an ultrasound and a 12 week check up. I was prepared with many things to ward off a toddler break down. I had grapes, goldfish, milk, and water, along with toys and books. Thank goodness I was the first appointment after lunch for my ultrasound so there was minimal waiting. Cohen was in his stroller with goldfish and grapes on the stroller tray to keep him busy so I could focus on watching the baby on the TV on the wall. I sneak peeks at this baby often when I can at work and she/he is always just laying around barely moving. Not today! This kid was moving so much it was difficult for the sonographer to get a good image of his/her neck, which is what she needs to see for the test. So while we are watching the baby waiting for him/her to cooperate, I am blindly handing Cohen goldfish, grapes, and his milk cup. We were going to try to look between the legs to see the sex, but it took so long to get an accurate picture of the neck and Cohen was getting really irritable so we didn't even attempt to see the sex. No big deal though. I will find out soon enough. As far as a name... the way things are going this baby will be named after he/she is born. We have a list of 7-10 girl names and 5-7 boy names. Unless something changes, we will name the baby after we meet her/him.
Cohen has developed an extreme fasination with lights and fans over the past two weeks. EVERYTIME we walk under a light or he notices a light he points to it and says"light." And now that he knows how the light switches work, he wants you to hold him so he can flip the switches.  He cackles as he flips the switches. It is so funny and cute, I don't care if I end up blowing all the bulbs in my house with him flipping switches. We were visiting Dr Yu today and she held him while we listened to the baby's heartbeat. He looked at the doppler as she listened to the baby and turned his head like a puppy at the heartbeat sound, then he just pointed up and said "light."
It is so hard to believe we will have another baby around the house in a few months. I think it's going to take awhile to sink in!

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