Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things to Teach my Boys

I have read several lists of "things to teach/tell my boys/girls" and I decided I wanted to write my own.

Things to Teach my Boys:

1) Love with your whole heart.
2) Pray daily
3) Give hugs and smiles freely
4) Read books besides the ones you are made to read in school.
5) Forgive others as you wish to be forgiven.
6) Live like David in the Bible..A man after God's own heart.
7) Play sports. But don't get caught up on winning. Enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team.
8) Get closer to nature. Walk through the woods, hunt, fish. Enjoy God's creation.
9) Always remain close to your family. Your Mom, Dad, siblings, and grandparents will always be on your team in the game of life.
10) Get dirty.
11) Jump in puddles and play in the rain.
12) Read your Bible
13) Own a pet. It's a great way to learn responsibility and practice for becoming a parent one day.
14) Don't be arrogant. It is very unbecoming
15) Be grateful. You have more than most.
16) Treat women with respect. Open doors for them, compliment them, and don't discuss bodily functions, burp, or fart in front of them.
17) Eat healthy. Fast food is killing Americans.
18) Be active.
19) Work hard at what you love.
20) Go to college and live on campus. A degree is the least of what you gain from going to college. You will learn about yourself and make life-long friends.
21) Drive the speed limit. Too many boys think they are invincible.
22) Don't be late. It is disrespectful.
23) Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. It's called integrity.
24) High School is hard. And it is NOT close to "the best time of your life." Just stay out of trouble during those years.
25) Stand up for what is right. Don't allow kids to be bullies. 
26) Be a leader. Everyone else will follow your example.

and the one my Momma always told me...
"Everything will come out in the wash." 

*****I thank my Momma for teaching me so many of these things. She showed me how to love others by always volunteering her time and money to help those in need. She allowed me to color my hair blue when I was 13, pierce my nose and the cartilage of my ear when I was 12, and to do every sport that was offered in Fairview, TN..except soccer. I wasn't any good at soccer.  I always walked to my own beat because my Momma encouraged me to.
I love you, Momma!


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