Friday, February 1, 2013

Starting at Last!

Our house is FINALLY starting! We first signed papers and put our initial deposit down on July 4 to build our home.
After issues with the lot and whether there was a "spring," "storm drain," or "sinkhole" in the middle of the lot we finally got that settled in November and were given the go to start construction.
Permits were slow to obtain, and weather wasn't (and still isn't) on our side so the grating of the lot just happened last week!
This has been a long, very frustrating process, but I finally feel like we will actually have a new home in the next 6 months.

A little back story...
My dad and my brother are both contractors. In a perfect world I would have them build our home. My dad built every house we ever lived in, plus many more homes through the years. He does an amazing job and is very talented. We always thought we would buy a lot and have my dad build us our dream home. Well, considering Chad refuses to live "south of Concord Road" and would live in Green Hills in a perfect world...our options to buy land were extremely limited. There are virtually NO lots in Green Hills, and very few in Brentwood that allow you to bring your own builder. So we decided to build in Fountainbrook in Brentwood and use their builder.
It makes me extremely nervous to put my trust and money in a builder's hands. Especially when I have heard mixed reviews on this company. However, we know that we are getting a great home for the money, will be in a great neighborhood with some of our very best friends, and a great school system for our kids.

We went and picked out our light fixtures on Saturday and I was extremely surprised at Chad's choices. Here are pictures of lights that look like our choices.

 This is the light Chad picked for over our kitchen table. I call it "the bird nest" light:)
Our pendant lighting above our island looks close to this, but it is aluminum.

I decided that I will put only things that I love into this house. I will not concern myself with whether or not things "match" but I will be sure that this house is totally "me" and fits our family's lifestyle.
That's why we will have distressed wood floors. With two boys, and hopefully more children in the future the floors will take a severe why not have floors that only look better with more scratches and dents?

One of the most exciting things about our new home is we have 2 of our very best friends in our neighborhood. The Schimmels and the Loftons.

I will keep the blog updated with our progress of our home!
Fabulous weekend to all!


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  1. Yay! Ready for you guys to be back over this way. We miss you!