Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful Days!

We are staying busy around here!!  Most days that I am not working the boys and I play outside, go to the park, Monkey Treehouse, or the zoo.  We have had several showings of our house lately so once the house is spotless and clean we leave!  I literally finish cleaning, get the boys up from their naps, and take them straight to the car. With Sutton crawling so fast, and Cohen being two, the house gets so messy, so fast!

Sutton Henry's first time in a swing

Cohen loves brushing the goats again this year!
He sat right next to this guy and just brushed him.

This is Cohen and his friends Duke and Liam. Duke and Liam are
the two boys that go to Miss Lily's with Cohen and Sutton.
Miss Lily sends us pics of the boys all day. I love this one!

Cohen is such an animal lover.

Loving My 3 Boys!

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