Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sutton is 8 Months!

My, how time flies!  It is truly amazing how fast little ones learn new things. Sutton is such a fast learner, and is already pulling up to stand.  He crawls very fast, then uses my shirt to pull to a standing position so we are face to face.  He has no new teeth, just his two bottom ones. I am loving that he doesn't have any more teeth yet. I love the gummy smiles that babies have.  ----Cohen had 8 teeth at eight months!!

He refused to sit in the chair. Chad and I tried numerous times. He would just squirm out!
He is always such a happy boy!

Most mornings when I go to get Sutton out of his crib he is standing up holding onto the crib rail, smiling and talking to me.  He and Cohen are having so much fun playing together.  They take baths together now without the infant tub. Cohen likes to pour water on Sutton's head, and Sutton cackles when Cohen does this. It's so precious.

Sutton went to the pool for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it. He smiled and laughed the whole time.  We are headed to the beach soon so I'm looking forward to making memories with my boys at the beach... all 3 of them:)

Make some great memories of your own:)


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