Friday, May 11, 2012


Several times throughout any given day I talk to God. I was a "say your prayers at bedtime" kinda gal until I got pregnant with Cohen in June of 2009 and that went out the window as the first trimester sleepiness took over. Since then I literally fall asleep within one minute of laying down. 
I have decided I am now a "talk to God all the time like he is sitting right beside me" kinda gal. I like this better. I talk to my Father all the time in my car, when I am in the shower, and when I am awake at night with Sutton.  I feel like this has strengthed our relationship. I think you should try it too:)

Speaking of being awake with Sutton at night. I have a confession....
I don't let him cry it out anymore when he wakes up at night. I happily get up to nurse him and cuddle him, no matter what time at night it is. I have realized with my second child how fleeting those middle-of-the-night-feedings are. I only wished Co woke up at night and wanted me to hold him and soothe him to sleep. So I will continue to nurse Sutton at 2am as long as he wants too....and I may even nurse him until he is 2.....and I don't care what anyone says about it!

I have also been getting Cohen out of his bed and moving him to our bed a couple of nights a week. I love it when he sleeps between Chad and I, and Chad enjoys it too. Cohen likes to hold our hands, fingers interlocked:)  My heart cries,
"Oh, dear Father, how you fill our hearts up with so much love and praise to You! We are not worthy."

Hope you have a great weekend!


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