Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Potty Time

Cohen is such an awesome kiddo.  I think he is such a smart boy.  Our babysitter Miss Lily has been teaching him to use the potty for about 6 weeks now.  He has 0 desire to use the potty at our house, but goes 75% of the time at Lily's.  He always poops in the potty at her home he says, "No potty!" and screams.  But, I am in no hurry to potty train him right now, so I'm going to wait until he tells us he has to go.

He is such a kind-hearted child, yet is super-prone to meltdowns recently.  Everything is a big deal to him after 5pm. These tantrums don't help well as I am trying to wean off the Prozac. When he has these extreme meltdowns, it really challenges me and makes me feel like I have no parenting skills.  Now that our house is for sale we never leave without it being spic and span.  This is where his toddler tantrums become very stressful.  Having to clean and straighten the house while also dealing with a typical 2 year old really stresses me out.  But I must remember, this too shall pass.

But in the meantime if any one has any parenting books or skills related to dealing with 2 year old meltdowns, I'd love to hear about them.

Here are some pictures of our wild, crazy, but oh-so-loving big boy Cohen Michael.
We went "Krogering" and he had to share his stickers.

Glad Sutton doesn't have any hair.

This is his new favorite thing to do:)
Oh, Cohen, how we love you so!! Words cannot express how richly blessed we are.

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