Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 months!!

Our sweet baby boy is 7 months now!  Wow!  It is so hard to believe.  Sutton is full of smiles and is such a lover.  He loves his Mommy more than I can explain.  When Cohen was his age, he would coo and talk and smile at me, and it just melted my heart.  However, Sutton is different.  He really just stares at me like I am the most wonderful, beautiful thing he has ever seen.  Numerous times while nursing he just stops and smiles at me like he cannot get enough of his Mommy.  I hope this lasts a long time.

Tonight I asked Chad if we could call him "Henry" instead of Sutton because I love "Henry" so much.  He, of course, said "No, I think Sutton is such a cool name." I love Sutton, but I also love Henry.  I feel like I used 2 perfect names on one child.  So we are going to be struggling for more boy names when we decide we are ready for #3.

Sutton is still an extreme spitter.  He is trying out for the Olympic Team, actually.  And we think he has a great chance:)  I hate it when people say their child has "projectile vomit" when it really just goes a couple of inches from their mouth.  I will never misuse that term myself again after having our little Sutton Henry.  He is really impressive about 24 times per day.  He throws up at least a half an ounce after each feeding, sometimes more like an ounce and a half.  (Being a nurse, these amounts aren't merely estimates.....nurses can tell you how many milliliters they pee each time they go to the bathroom just because we always have to be right on with our measurements:))  And when he throws up, it will go, on average, 1 foot away, sometimes 2.  I can tell when he does if I am not around because Cohen says, "Uh-oh, Sut-TON!!"

You are such a sweet, happy boy!  You cackle at your brother every day.  I hope you boys always remain very close.  I will be one happy Mommy if you love Jesus, love your brother, and love and respect your parents. You are meeting your milestones very quickly...."overachiever!!"  You got your bottom two teeth at six months.
You started sitting unassisted at 6 months and 2 weeks.   By 6 months and three weeks you were crawling. This makes my life a little more difficult! You can get across the room very quickly! But as long as your brother is close by, you don't go too far:)  You have started to "talk" and say "babababa" often. Cohen copies you. I wonder if you guys are speaking in code sometimes. Cohen gets really bothered if someone he doesn't know tries to talk to you or look at you.  He runs over to you in your stroller or carseat and puts his hand over you and says "Sut-TON!" in a whiny voice.  He is very protective of you.
We love you to the heavens and back!!
Mommy, Daddy, and Cohen

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