Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Other Fall Fun!

Halloween was a four-day long event for us! On Thursday night we went to Fairview for Trunk or Treating with my parents. Chad wasn't able to go because he was feeling puny.

Sutton, the banana.
(I don't know how to turn it:()

Cohen, the monkey, sitting with the "bumpunks."
He loves pumpkins!

Papa with his boys!

On Saturday we met my parents in Franklin for the Pumpkin Fest. The boys wore their costumes. It was such a beautiful day. Cohen and Papa went into the mini petting zoo there so Cohen could feed and pet the animals.

Then he got to ride the horse. He loved it. When it was time to get off, he said "No!"

The banana slept the whole time.
I love this sleeping age where you can just do whatever and they sleep through it!

On Sunday we went to a birthday party after church at Monkey Joe's. Cohen was one of the smallest kids there. He went up and down this slide for over an hour. There were 4 four year olds going up and down it too, but Cohen just jumped right in and did whatever they did. I had my first "Mom moment" where I wanted to get this kid though.... Cohen was climbing up the entrance to the slide, and the big kids were trying to push past him and one of them said, "Get out of the way, baby!" in a really mean way. I felt like my heart was breaking, but so mad at the same time. Good thing Cohen had no clue what they meant though. He just went on his merry way up the slide.
After the party we went to Trunk or Treat and dinner at our church. We only stayed for a short time and went to Chad's parents' church for their Trunk or Treat. Cohen had a great time, and Sutton slept. Imagine that.
On Monday, we went to our first "kid" party with kids Cohen's age. My friend Jennifer and her boy Brandt invited us to a Halloween party. Cohen played outside with all of his "friends," then we ate lunch, then painted "bumpunks," and decorated picture frames. Cohen had a great time. He ate 2 cookies, then went up to Jennifer's mom and asked for "more cookie" and she gave him 2 more. A few minutes later I heard him in the kitchen again asking for "more." I found him asking a different lady for more cookies! He was trying all he could to get cookies. He got a cup of goldfish instead. He loves to eat!
Crazy hair after jumping on the mini trampoline.

Painting a "bumpunk" with his friend Mason

Cohen (3rd from left) and all of his new friends at the party.

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