Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sutton's Pics

My sister-in-law, Mollie Cochrane is a great photographer. She took all of Cohen's pictures his first year, and she did Sutton's newborn pictures. We tried to get more of Cohen and Sutton together, but Cohen was way too busy to take pictures that night. Here are a few of my favorites.

And as far as the "colic" goes... it is so much better!!! I cut out dairy for the most part and I have noticed a huge difference in his fussiness. He is such a happier baby now. Chad actually is loving on him a ton more. Chad gets a bit overwhelmed when babies are fussy, and quickly hands them over to me so he wasn't holding Sutton much. Now Daddy and Sutton are good buddies.
Cohen is such a great big brother still. He walked up to where Sutton was lying and kissed his little feet today! These boys are such a joy in our lives. God is so good!

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