Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Day!

Today my mom Mimi and my neice Ariel came to visit. While I was waiting on them to get here, Chad went to the chiropractor, Cohen was napping, and I was enjoying a cup of iced coffee on the back porch. After Chad had been gone for 30 minutes or so, I went to go inside to use the restroom and get Cohen out of his crib since he was awake. But wait...Chad had locked me out! Surely this cannot be my luck...my bladder is about to explode, my child is now starting to cry, and I am stuck outside. I called Chad, he didn't answer. I texted Chad that he had locked me out and Cohen was crying in the crib, and he replied that he would not be home for at least 45 minutes! Totally unacceptable. He is usually a very wonderful father and husband, however the 45 minute comment was not very wonderful. So he rescheduled his appointment at the chiro and came home just as my mom and neice arrived.
We went to the zoo once we rescued Co from his crib. It was a total madhouse. I forgot sunscreen for us so I had to buy some overpriced sunscreen at the gift shop. Cohen and Ariel had a blast even if all the animals were super lazy and did nothing but lay around. Even every one of the flamingos were sleeping with their little heads tucked on their backs standing on one foot.
Interesting side story.... when I was in fifth grade and just starting middle school there was this bully girl in the eight grade who told everyone in the school that she was going to beat me up. I never knew what her issue with me was, but anyways, this went on for weeks, maybe months. She would call me names and give me dirty looks. One day she said she was going to "catch" me after school and beat me up at the flagpole. I remember not really ever being scared of her and even telling her I would "meet" her at the flagpole. I don't know if I was stupid or just a sassy, skinny girl who refused to be bullied. But she never met me that day at the flagpole and I never remember seeing her much after that day. Until today at the zoo!!! I had on sunglasses so she couldn't tell that I was staring at her, but we made eye contact. I laughed in my head because she stared at me like she was trying to figure out if she knew me or not. Then I went to go to the bathroom and she was the last one in line. I decided I could hold it rather than stand akwardly next to her in line for 10 minutes. Fun day!

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