Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sutton Henry

That sweet baby boy of ours is such a delight!
He is 16 months old now and learning more and more every day. He is always happy. He loves his brother and now calls him "Coooo" or "brub-be."

He also loves his "tat" or cat, and his "ber" bear. Each morning when we go into his room to get him out of bed, he says, "tat...ber" and grabs both the cat and the bear. He wants to hold them while he gets his diaper changed, then he will take them into the kitchen for breakfast. Once he sees his breakfast he tosses the cat and bear on the floor and says, "eeeeat."
He loves to eat. He will literally eat anything we give him........except pizza. Crazy, I know.

Sutton is not a cuddler. Never has been. It really makes this mommy sad. Cohen has always been a cuddler. He still says, "ooot" when he wants to be held. He has been saying this made-up word every since he was 11 months. But not Sutton. He will come sit in my lap long enough to take a thumb-sucking break, or for me to read him a book, then he's off to play.
He will read books for a hour if you will let him. His favorite book now is Cohen's book Everybody Poops. I think it's so funny that Sutton likes this book. Maybe he will potty train early? Doubt it:)

He loves his Mommy. And I mean, loves! He wakes up saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" and always wants me to hold him.....but not in a "lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle" kind of way. Just on my hip, or in my lap.
His right thumb is still his best friend. And he loves doing whatever Cohen does. However, he is getting pretty rowdy lately. He walked up and slapped Cohen on the cheek when he was on the potty last week. I slapped Sutton's hand and said a stern, "no!" Sutton looked at me and said, "uh-oh" and walked away.

Sutton and Cohen had so much fun in the snow a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time for both of them to play in the snow.

 I can't get these pics bigger for some reason:(

And how about this?..... This cute baby that looks like my Sutton Henry is.....me! I saw this picture at my parents house in a frame and literally thought that it was Sutton for a second. Except I lack those cute dimples that he has.



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