Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to my "home."

As you may or may not know, I left my job in labor and delivery in July 2012 for an opportunity to work with a great company as a clinical specialist. My job is to travel to various hospitals across the country and in-service the operating room staff and physicians on the use of our products. I knew this job would require me to travel 2-3 days a week with those days being over-night trips.  I have been working with great people, staying in really nice hotels, flying somewhere almost every week, and eating at fancy restuarants....all for free. Oh, and I also have a company car, iphone, and laptop. 

Not a bad gig......unless you have children.

I miss my boys and Chad like crazy. I am alone a lot, which I enjoy, but, geez do I miss my family. 

Around Thanksgiving I decided I wanted to go back to labor and delivery full time. I truly love being an L and D nurse. It gets in your blood, like an addiction. I love the adrenaline rush of the emergencies that happen on occasion. If you are unlucky enough to have an abruption, cord prolapse, or any other obstetrical emergency...I'm the nurse for you:)
I spent a lot of time convincing Chad that I was sure that I wanted to leave my current job and go back to being a floor nurse. Chad was doing totally fine with me working out of town. He said it wasn't any different than me working night shifts at the hospital because he didn't see me either way. But, as a momma who prides myself on being as "present" as I can be in my children's lives, I could not travel around the country and miss my boys lives. Every time I came home after being gone for 4 days, my boys were doing new things.

Thankfully, my very great friend is also the manager of L&D.  She knew how unhappy I was traveling, and let me know when there was an open position for me to apply.  After a few interviews, I was able to get a great job where I have spent almost 7 years doing just what I love!

I am officially finished with the traveling job next week! It is bittersweet. The job is an awesome job for a nurse with no children. So if you are an RN looking for a great gig....give me a shout. I know people:)

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!


  1. Welcome back Kelly. You are right. L&D is an addiction. I still miss it almost 20 years after hanging up my knitted uterus and cloth pelvis teaching tool. Nothing quire like it.

  2. if my back were well I'd be interested in your travel job. my kids are almost grown. Glad you are going to back to what you love, and be home with your babies!