Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's New for 12 Months?

To my big 1 year old,
You are SO big! This year has flown by so fast. I have tried my best to savor every minute, every sleepless night, every shirt that smelled of throw up, and every moment of cuddle time. You are such a amazing, happy, loving boy. You still love your Mommy so much. You still have to be with me if you see me or you have a mini-meltdown.
You now:
-Have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth...with a third peeking through.
-Say "mama, dada, cat, book, truck, Nana" and almost anything else that Cohen says     regularly.
-Have had 2 ear infections your first year..
-And the worst diaper rash Ive ever seen
-You climb on everything, fall often, but rarely cry.
-You still love your bear and take him everywhere
-Chase the cat around, giggling
-Talk to Cohen every night in your crib before you fall asleep
-Have refused to nurse the past week...This makes me really sad. I hope you change your mind. I'm not ready to loose that precious time with you.
-Still suck your right thumb, with your pointer finger resting on your nose, very often. You suck your thumb when you're tired, and bored. Or just because you can. It is very cute! Right now:)
-You take your afternoon nap while i am holding you sometimes. I love this. I started doing it out of necessity to keep you boys separated at nap time so you won't wake each other up. Yet, I rock you to sleep during naptime and hold you while I read whenever I can.
-You love to slide and swing. You throw yourself down the slide if I let you.
-I have had to tell you "No" for the first time lately.  When I told Cohen "no" at your age, he would pout and get his feelings hurt. You just smile that precious, dimpled smile.
-Cohen is by far your best buddy already....besides me. You have to do whatever he does. He is pretty sweet to you though.
-You eat anything we give you. Massive amounts of food! Your favorite foods now are broccoli, and any kind of fruit.

You are such a loving, happy child. So far you and Cohen have both been very easy children. Which makes me more eager to have another baby. I hope to convince Chad to have 2 more kids. We'll see....

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