Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Father, Who Art in Heaven...

As I sit in my hotel room in Cleveland, OH this is what is on my mind.....

I am so thankful for technology. I am able to Facetime my husband and my sweet boys when I am out of town. This is so amazing. Cohen thinks it is the funniest thing that he can see me. He kisses the phone. Sutton just smiles that big dimpled smile and laughs when he sees me on the phone. It makes the nights away feel a little closer.

I have struggled at times with the travel that this job requires. It is a very easy, non-stressful job. I am gone 2-3 days per week but when I am home, I am not working at all which is great. But I do miss my family so much
The past few weeks though, I have changed my way of thinking and the days away are less lonely.... I have realized I am not at all alone. My Father is always with me. I often times fall asleep praying at night before I even get out one thought. But when I am alone driving, flying, or sitting in my hotel room I am able to feel His presence. I know I am not alone. I talk out loud to Him as if he were physically next to me. This has been such an amazing feeling!
I really prayed a lot about this huge job change because I was very happy in my previous job. Everything fell into place for this job to happen. The first several weeks I was miserable with the travel and I couldn't figure out why I felt God had lead me to this job.....Now I think I know:)



  1. great post. miss seeing and talking to you.

  2. Going where God is leading...not always easy, but always right!