Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sutton is ONE!!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear Sutton. Happy Birthday to you!"
That song has been sung around our house for several weeks now. Cohen loves singing and we've been talking about Sutton's upcoming birthday for awhile.  We had such a great time at his big birthday bash!
I wanted to do something different for his party for a couple of reasons..
1) we have no extra space at our "house" right now.
2) Thank goodness our children want for nothing.

So we asked that guests bring school supplies and/or giftcards for supplies to give to a certain local elementary school that is very poor and has limited resources. Miss Jan, our family friend teaches there and has opened our eyes to the children's huge need. Miss Jan told her principle about our party and they were so excited!
We received two clothes baskets full of supplies, money, and giftcards for the school!!
Hopefully everyones' generosity was able to make a dent in the needs of the school.

I decided on the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme for the party. I love to throw parties and cannot wait to have our own home again to entertain guests. Nana, Aunt Lora, Chad and I spent a lot of time cleaning Friday night. Chad helped me hang balloons, the latern caterpillar and the happy birthday sign, while Nana and Aunt Lora prepared the food.
I made the decorations, shirt, and party hat, and put together the party favors the day before the party.
I ordered the "caterpillar body" cupcakes from Cupcake Collection in strawberry, carrot cake, wedding cake, and sweet potato flavors. The were delicious. And their cupcakes are only $1.50 each. Can't beat that price!
The party turned out just as great as i envisioned! I have my awesome, photographer, sister in law who took great pictures of the fun.... all while being 6.5 months pregnant.....with another boy:)
We sang Happy Birthday and Sutton had 1 candle in his little smash cake. Towards the end of the song, Cohen blew Sutton's candle out:) He couldn't wait! So cute.
Sutton was not scared of his cake at all. He instantly just pushed his hand into it, grabbed a bite, then another, and another, until he ate over 1/2 of the cake! He would have ate more if I didn't pull him out of the chair away from it and straight to the bathtub for a quick scrub.

Ill add official birthday pics when I have time. These are just pics from my phone.

The next day was my nephew Cale's 3rd birthday party, then it was our cousin Megan's birthday, then it was Nana's birthday, then it was our cousin Braden's birthday.
So five birthdays in 6 days for the Cochrane family! This led Cohen to ask, "When's Cohen's birthday?" Little guy was feeling so confused and left out on the birthday celebrations. So, now he can tell you his birthday is in February.....only what he says barely sounds like "February."

Kissin' on my boys,

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