Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation with the Cochranes

We went to FL with Chad's family last week for 7 days. Chad's parents, siblings, sister-in-law, and nephew all went. We had such a great time. Every morning we had a home-cooked breakfast by Pop then went out the the great kid pool. The big boys played at the pool, while Sutton napped. This kid pool was the best! It was only 1 foot deep but had a slide, jungle gym thing, and water spouts. The boys had a blast.

Cohen and Cale are only 5 months apart so they were a handful! Make that 5-6 handfuls. Everyone took their turn parenting those two. It definitely takes a village to raise two 2-year olds. Lol! They were cackling and having a blast one minute, then pushing and crying the next minute. It was so much fun to watch them play. Neither of them liked the beach, but Sutton LOVED it!

Showing their muscles!

Happy as always

We also went to the Alligator Farm and the fort Castillo De San Marcus in St. Augustine.  The boys loved all the alligators and crocodiles.

Chad is acting crazy, as always. The boys look perplexed:)

The boys checking out the Komodo Dragon

Cale being brave looking into the cannon at the fort!

The Cochrane boys

 We had such a wonderful time! We are so blessed to have such a great family. My sister-in-law is pregnant so next summer will be even more exciting!

Life is sweet!!

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