Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wild, Crazy Summer!

I haven't updated the blog in awhile, and apologies for this post not having any pictures.  My camera is in Cohen's room and I dare not wake him to get it.
This summer has been the busiest, craziest couple of months in my adult life.  But God has held my hand and eased my anxiety throughout this time.

I'll start in April....I got a phone call from a recruiter asking if I was interested in taking a job as a clinical specialist.  I was not looking for a job at all, however I decided I would interview for the position and see where God led me.  I was very, very prayerful that God would lead me whichever way He knew was best for me and my family.  Well, the first week of June I received an official job offer letter, and.......we got a contract on our townhome!  The day before we got the contract, the townhomes across the street burned and 3 families lost everything. So sad, but everyone was unharmed. Praise God!

My new employer!

A month after we got the contract on our townhome we bought another house!  Well, it is being built and will be finished in February.  We are very excited to be building our home where our family will stay for a long time, God willing.  I have already envisioned the home very full of so much love and laughter with our boys running up and down the stairs and playing ball with their Daddy in the back yard!  It is just a few miles away from us now, off of Concord Road.  We have had to go speak with the builder a few times and when we drive through the neighborhood Cohen says, "Big house. Cool house. Mommy, Daddy, Cohen, Sutton get a new house?!" His best bud Woodson also lives the next street over. This leads him to say, "Woosson's house! I want to see Woosson!" Then he screams when we pass Woodson's street.

I also got a new work phone, which means my primary phone number will change. This is a bummer because I have had the same cell phone number since 1997! 

Lovin' this crazy life!

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