Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not again!

36.4 weeks
I went to the doctor today for a 36 week appointment and an ultrasound to check baby's growth. I have been apprehensive about the 36 week appointment this whole pregnancy. At 36 weeks with Cohen, I went to the doctor expecting a quick heartbeat check and got news that the amniotic fluid was low and I would be getting weekly ultrasounds and be on bedrest until delivery. Bedrest wasn't so bad, but using up my vacation time without my baby was no good.
Well, sure enough, the ultrasonagrapher had only been looking at the baby for a minute when I realized there was probably a fluid issue again. Before I could ask her, she said, "Looks like you have low fluid."
Snap! This is not what I wanted. For a few reasons..
1) I know too much as an OB nurse and low fluid makes me nerrrrr-vous. (I won't scare all you ladies who may have low fluid in the future with the details of the things that can go wrong when you have low fluid).
2) Bedrest is IMPOSSIBLE with an 18 month old boy in the house.
3) I want to stay out of work until January. If I am on bedrest or deliver early, then I will have to return sometime in December. Who wants to work in December?? Not me.

So, I went back to the waiting room and anxiously waited for Dr. to see me. She surprised me when she said I don't have to go on bedrest today, but to take it easy, hydrate, and come back on Tuesday for another ultrasound. She will recheck his fluid, and go from there. As long as it is not trending downward, then we should be okay. Whew! I really like my doctor, and I could have kissed her then!

I am drinking as much water as I can, and staying on top of his movements to be sure he is active as always. I am okay to have a 38 week baby, but NOT a 36-37 week baby unless I go into labor on my own. Being induced early with a boy could equal a stay in the NICU for breathing issues.
So, I am praying for a healthy, 38+ week baby without bedrest. However, as long as Sutton is healthy overall, I'm okay if that equals bedrest for a week or two.

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