Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 weeks or less....oh my!

Good news on the baby today. The fluid level is much better. No bedrest and no repeat ultrasounds. Yipee! The baby got a 8/8 on his BPP. (That's a test done for fetal well-being).
So the plan is to go back to Dr. Yu next Thursday for a 38 week visit, then induce on October 5 if he hasn't arrived yet! He will be sharing a birthday with his 2nd cousin Braden who will be four that day.
I was highly against induction last time because I really wanted to go into labor on my own and have the mad rush to the hospital that only happens on TV, and be completely surprised as to when Cohen would arrive. But after having to be induced last time, I know my chance of having a c-section because of being induced is extremely low. And, it is much easier to arrange childcare for Co if I know the date and time we are going to the hospital.
So, maybe he will come before Oct 5, maybe not. I am fine either way. I really want an October baby since it is by far, my favorite month.  My doctor is only on-call on Wednesdays, and this weekend. But I am pretty positive he won't be here by this weekend.

We finally got Sutton's crib together last night. Now I just have to put the bedding on it and hang some stuff on the wall. We didn't get Cohen's bedroom done until 39 weeks. We are procrastinators.

Here is little Sutton Henry today. Looking like he has his brother's
lips and nose. I sure hope he has Cohen and Chad's eyes. They are
so pretty:)

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