Friday, May 20, 2016

We are SO proud of our Cohen Michael

Cohen just finished kindergarten two days ago.
This year was everything I could have hoped for for him. He was so brave that first day walking into school by himself with his big ol' backpack. Then he and Sutton begged me to let him ride the bus. And when I gave in, I cried as he and Sutton stood at the bus stop like two brave, excited boys.

His teacher Ms Hasselbring has been a K teacher for 26 years (or more. I can't recall) and has such a love for her "chilies" as she calls them. I knew from the moment I met her that my sweet baby boy would be loved and cared for each day when he walked into Crockett Elementary.

I know this has been said many times to me, but my how kindergarten has changed since I was a kid.
Cohen knows SO much! He knows what I didn't know until 3rd grade. No joke!
He knows how to read books! Like real books! With big words!
He knows how to add big numbers, in his head! Tonight's math problem at the dinner table from him was, "What's 1000 + 1000+ 1000 + 100 + 50?" And when we acted like we didn't know the answer, he blurted it out in no time.
He knows who our 1st, 7th, 11th, and 14th presidents were and some facts about them too.

I cried big tears Wednesday when I picked him up from his last day of kindergarten. The kind of tears that burn your eyes and make them red for hours. My shoulders shook as I cried, my nose and my mascara ran down my face... I cried because I am so proud of him. I cried because he is one year closer to leaving my nest and leaving the shadow of my wings. I cried because I feel so lucky and blessed to be his and his brothers' momma.

And Sutton...
He is the smartest boy. His teachers at preschool always tell me what a natural leader he is. He is a friend to everyone, and the girls love him. He tells me that the girls always chase him on the playground. He knows far more than Cohen knew at age 4. I think it's because his big brother encourages his learning of the material that his wonderful teachers teach him. Sutton knows several sight words. He also knows things like what "nocturnal" and "diurnal" mean! Harpeth Hills Preschool is such a blessing to so many children and families.
And when I was crying the ugly cry on Wednesday, my sweet Sutton came and sat in my lap and said, "Mommy, even when I am 7, 8, and 16, 17, 18, and 19 I will still let you oot me. And when I am so big, I will oot you."  Then I cried even more.
Sutton is my biggest fan. He truly is enamored by me and has been since the day he was born.

Our little Jack Briggs,
He is 14 months and has such a spunky attitude. A few weeks ago Cohen picked him up and moved him away from the tv. He laid down on the floor with his arms and legs outstretched and cried. Then he got up after a few seconds and gave Cohen the stink-eye before he walked away. He is good at doing the full-body throw down fit when he doesn't get what he wants. He also still nurses 2-4 times a day for 15-30 minutes each time. I know he's getting older, but I don't care. He's probably my last child and besides, he's tiny. Like 18 pounds tiny. Like 3rd percentile tiny. So he's like nursing a 6 month old. His blue eyes and blond hair are as unique to our family of brown hair, brown eyed people as his personality. I think this boy is going to be more similar to Sutton in his personality.
Oh, but really, he's not a typical 3rd child. He has almost gotten me kicked out of my obsession- Beatbox:(   There have been 2 times that he has cried so much that I've been embarrassed by his behavior. I mean, does this kid not realize that Beatbox keeps me sane and healthy? He cries most times I leave him with the childcare workers. He's not typically a fussy kid, but he makes up for it the 2-3xs a week I go to Beatbox.

Attitude and all, these boys melt my heart. There are days that are very difficult and trying. There are days that I yell more than I want to admit. There are days that I fall to my knees and cry out to God for help and patience and guidance. But then there are those moments that they hug me, kiss me, tell me they love me, and make me laugh uncontrollably that I feel like my heart will explode from the love I have for these boys and their daddy.
God is good, all the time!

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