Friday, May 20, 2016

Here Comes Another One. ****Almost 2 years late****

I know this is quite premature, but I can't contain it.
Lord Willing.

Cohen is the cutest thing. I told him we were having a baby and it was going to grow in my tummy like Sutton did. He asked if I swollowed the baby. Is that how he got there? I told him God put the baby in my tummy. I will avoid that topic for a few more years:)
I showed him a picture of what the baby looks like at this gestation on the internet.  He was so excited about it. He went to play then came back and asked to see the baby pictures again. He is going to be such a good big brother.

I want to truly savor each moment of this pregnancy. I do not think I will convince Chad to have another child after this, even though I would love 4 children. (I think 4 is the "magic number" of kids in my mind.)
I really enjoy being pregnant.

*****This post is from July 23, 2014. I am NOT pregnant again. I just found this on my blog as "unposted" and wanted to post it*******

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