Thursday, July 17, 2014

Its Been Way Too Long..

I have been trying to be Supermom for way too long.
I work at least 36 hours a week, but most often more than that.
I have an obsession with keeping my house clean, laundry put away, dishes clean and beds made.
I go without sleep for 24 hours one day a week.
All of this for what?

I spend less time with my kids,
Less time with my husband,
And less time with my Father
Because I am trying to be perfect in every aspect of my life.
Yet, I am failing.

Do my kids care if our house is spotless?
Does my husband care if I cook dinner and keep up the laundry?
Does God care about any of this?

I know the answer. It came to me like a thief in the night this week.
These years are fleeting. With my husband and our boys.
I prayed and I cried out to God yesterday over this.
"Please show me how to slow down and savor each day with the ones I love.
Help me to release the addiction to pursue perfection. Help me to find perfection in
You and You alone."

I promise myself, Chad, the boys, and my Creator that I will not put my house cleaning above
any of them. I will not be the Pinterest Perfect Mom that I often desire to be. I will only promise to be
fully present in my family's lives.
"There's a temptation to multi-task everything, but you can't multi-task presence."
                                                                                                         -Cindy Crawford

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