Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's been a while

Life has been so full and busy lately.....hence the reason for so long between posts!
Sutton and Cohen are happy, busy, healthy boys full of life and loads of energy!! They have been busy with swim lessons since the first week of April. We go every day Monday thru Friday for 20 minutes each day. This means that I've worked nights, slept from 8-12, picked them up from Lilys house, then drove them to Coolsprings for swim. The boys have loved every minute of it. But this Momma is completely exhausted!!
Sutton is 20 months old and such a total joy to parent. I don't know what it is that makes it so fun with him...he's funny, very easy-going, sleeps like a lion, loves his Mommy, Daddy, thumb, and "bearcat." In that order. His "bearcat" is a stuffed bear and a stuffed cat. Yet he has to have them both so he calls them "bearcat."
He sucks his thumb so much he now has a callus and 2 blisters on that thumb. He hasn't been sick once and I'm fully convinced its because that thumb touches everything then goes straight to his mouth. He's got stellar immunity! He talks in 3 word sentences regularly. He always calls his brother "Coco" and has recently started saying, "Coco mean!" When Cohen upsets him. He does everything Cohen does.

Cohen is such a mix of emotions. He is so sweet and walks up to me, hugs me, and tells me he loves me daily. He helps me with laundry, and dishes, and trash, and feeds the cat for me. He's a very eager helper....but then 2 minutes later he is crying, kicking, and screaming because I didn't let him close the dryer door. I can't help but laugh at the crazy emotions of him. He gets icky or the spanking spoon at least once a day most days. His main crimes are hitting his brother and talking ugly to me or Chad.
I went to get the spanking spoon yesterday and he said, "spanking spoons are for cooking and eating! Not spanking!"  Tis true, dear son... I couldn't spank him...only laugh:)
For about 3 months now we have taken a nap together every weekday afternoon on the couch before I go to work. Each day, he request that I tell him Goldilocks then sing Jesus Loves the Monster Trucks. So every day, I tell him Goldilocks (he tells me what food the bears and Goldilocks eat. His favorites are oatmeal, pancakes, and pizza.)  then I sing our made-up monster truck song.
These boys are so much fun! Chad and I stay busy, but our cups runneth over!

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