Sunday, September 22, 2013

Those Sweet Boys

My how busy life has been! We moved into our beautiful home one week ago after a 14 month debacle with construction. We absolutely love it...even more than we thought we would. We have a family of deer that graze in our backyard almost daily. Chad takes the boys on a hunt for deer tracks and deer poo most nights while I prepare dinner. They love it! We see so many stars in the sky, hear the fountain in the neighbor's pond, and crickets chirping loudly...all in the middle of Brentwood! It is truly a blessing!

Our little guys are so full of energy and are constant entertainment. Cohen is in a big boy bed for the first time. Sutton asks to sleep with "CoCo" all the time. Yes, he still calls him that. He never says Cohen. I adore it! They were in the same bed two nights ago, giggling, and looking up at the ceiling where there Dreamlite was casting stars and shapes. They are such good buddies!

But, they also fight like brothers do. That little Sutton is impossible to discipline. Cohen has always been very eager to please, and very sensitive. An ugly look towards him, makes him upset. Not my Henner! That little one hits Cohen just for the heck of it. We use the spanking spoon and he just smiles. Time out doesn't work either. So most times, he gets put in his crib as punishment. Except now he's climbing out. So, we have to develop a new plan of attack;)

The boys are both still swimming. Cohen swam all summer like a fish. They both graduated from ISR last May and have not used any type of flotation device since. Cohen is truly an impressive little swimmer! I'm so proud to go to the pool and see my child swimming better than most 5 year olds! He is now doing Swim America. 
Sutton is swimming with Kennette who taught him ISR every Tuesday. He's such a great little swimmer too! If its up to me, swimming will be their sport over soccer or baseball. But, I don't get to decide that for much longer:( 
Sutton talks as well as Cohen. We have 100% conversations with him. I've been told often how smart he is. 
He still loves his Mommy the most, and demands a kiss for every boo-boo.
He says, "want to!" Which actually means, "I don't want to!" He'll be 2 in two weeks! Unbelievable. 
Cohen is such a sweet brother. When Sutton gets hurt...he fell down our wood stairs twice the day we moved in..Cohen cries too! He also hugs Sutton goodnight and tells him he loves him. Sutton also randomly tells us he loves us! Melts my heart!!

Cohen's prayer last week, "thank you for Jesus that died on the cross." That makes this momma SO happy:) 
And thank you, God, for entrusting these perfect children to us!!

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