Sunday, August 5, 2012

Worthy of note... letters to my boys.

Dear Precious Cohen Michael, You are an unbelievable joy! I love your infectious laughter, the way you always wake up happy, the way you always say, "Yay, Cone!" when you do something you're proud of. You are growing so big and strong. I am amazed at you everyday. You are two and a half this month, and getting smarter by the minute. You know how to count to ten, all your colors and shapes, and can recognize most letters. You are so loving and sweet most of the time. You do have your meltdowns, but what two year old doesn't? You say, "go away, Mommy!" It breaks my heart, yet makes me laugh at the same time. I have no idea where you learned that. Sometimes you tell Sutton, "you go take a nap!" when you don't want to share your Mommy anymore. You are using the potty all the time for Lola, but only half the time at home. I made you a cape to wear. It is red on one side, green on the other, and ties with a yellow ribbon. It had a "C" on it, but you tore it off. You put your cape on "the red side" and run around the living room with it on. Daddy and I say it makes you run super fast! Tonight, you and Mommy ran circles around the living room and laughed and laughed. You always ran faster than me because you were wearing your cape! I started letting you sleep in our bed sometimes at night because I know it won't last forever. One day, when you are 12 and too cool for me, I will want to hold you and rock you to sleep but you won't let me. So I do it as often as Daddy will let me. So now, almost every night you say, "I take a nap with Mommy" and run to our bed. We put you to sleep in your bed, but I sometimes go get you after your asleep and put you in bed with me. We cuddle and hold hands. I started a new job last month which makes me travel overnight 2-3 days a week. I miss you three SO much while I am gone. You ask Lola about me all the time. Daddy said you had a bad dream last week and asked for your Mommy. I won't be traveling for too much longer, hopefully. I pray daily for you. My main prayer is for you and Sutton to be men of God. If you love God with all your heart then everything else will fall into place. I love you to the heavens and back!

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