Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sutton is 10 Months!

Our little "Henner" (my nickname for Sutton) is 10 months!  I took the monthly picture in the baby leather chair with a sign, but I have packed up my camera cable so I cannot download those pics to the blog. I'll add them in a few months when we unpack. Until then, Ill just use pictures from my phone.

Sutton is walking!  I have been traveling so much lately I was so worried I would miss this special moment. But he is such a Mommy's boy that he literally started walking about 2 minutes after I got home from Minnesota last Friday!  He waited for me to see it!! He walked from one side of our living room, to the other, all while holding a lunchbox full of cars.
Cohen said, "Yay, Sut-ton walking!"

He has three top teeth and two bottom ones.
He is now in the "bucket" class at church. Those babies are so cute sitting in those buckets around the table.
Sutton eats 100% table food. No more baby food unless I get lazy and don't cook a nutritious meal, then I give him some baby food to push in nutrients. I loathe giving my kids baby food. He is a huge eater. Everyday my boys eat the same thing for breakfast. This is because Cohen always wants "yogurt and oatmeal" and so I feed Henner the same thing. And then they both get a fresh fruit. Usually berries of some sort. Sutton literally eats the same amount of food that Co does. And Cohen is a big eater!

He still carries his lovie around. He cannot sleep without it. Literally! If he wakes up screaming at night, it is almost always because he dropped it from his crib. As soon as I give it to him, he wraps it in his left hand, and sucks his right thumb then falls right to sleep.

He moved to a big boy carseat yesterday. I took out their carseats to clean my car then decided I would go ahead and put the big boy carseat in for Sutton. He's still rear-facing of course, but loves sitting up at a better angle. He and Cohen were holding hands in the car yesterday:)

Still nursing...and hoping to continue.
He's such a happy, laid-back boy!  I am ready for another baby....Chad is not. So it will be awhile.

Nana brought Co a kangaroo and a shirt from Australia. He tried to put the shirt on while in the car..then fell asleep:)

Cohen at our neighborhood "Redneck Olympics"

Sutton's first Sunday in the bucket class

Swinging at the park. Our favorite thing to do on a beautiful day!
 Loving the life God gave me!

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