Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sutton is 9 months!

Sweet Sutton Henry is 9 months! 
He continues to be such a happy, content child.  He is ALWAYS smiling with those sweet dimples.  He loves his brother, and will follow him around the room wherever he goes. He is still a huge Mommy's boy. He must be next to me if I am close by.  No one else can hold him for long when I am in the room.  He makes my heart melt daily.  Whenever I go to pick them up at Miss Lily's, he crawls so fast to my feet and pulls up for me to pick him up!
Sutton has two bottom teeth, and one of his top front teeth has just broken thru.  He can stand up for a few seconds without falling, and pulls up and cruises on everything.
Just recently, he has really gotten attached to his bear lovey.  It is magical to him. He can be extremely fussy and mad, but give him his bear and he is immediately ready for bed.  We now have four of these magical bears!  He is still a thumb-sucker and he takes his bear and wraps it around his fingers while he goes to sleep.
He also will put the bear lovey in his mouth and crawl around the floor with it.  It beyond sweet:)

Cohen and Sutton will just laugh out loud at each other while we are in the car.  Co will do something, Sutton will copy him, and then they will just cackle.

Now, for some pictures of these perfect boys!

Co said "cheese" when he got in this box. I took his picture, then he said,
"I want more cheese in the box!"

There is the magical bear lovey.  Just not so magical in this picture:)

These boys are so, so much fun!  Chad and I think we have the funniest family. We laugh at the crazy things Cohen says everyday.  He is such a funny, sweet, boy!  He is always watching out for Sutton.  He will see Sutton crawling towards the cat food, and grab the bowl and put the cat food on the table, and say, "No cat food, Sutton!"

Much Love,

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