Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sutton is Six Months!

Sutton is now 6 months old. He has mostly outgrown the colic and people often remark on what a happy baby he is. After talking with one of my best girlfriends today, I had to admit to myself that he probably did/does have a dairy sensitivity. He continues to have a period of intense screaming and back-arching for at least 40 minutes every day around 2pm. He also spits up large amounts, some projectile, numerous times per day. But I am thankful that it has improved immensely since he was an infant.
Sleeping on Daddy's shoulder with his favorite thumb and lovie.

His first taste of baby cereal at 6 months

I think he really looks like his Mommy here:)

Such a sweet smile.

Happy, happy Sutton Henry!
He had his six month check up last week and he weighed 16lbs 9oz. That is 2 pounds bigger than Co was at 6 months. He also got 1 shot and he didn't even cry. We still have a few more to get though. I plan to make his baby food like I made Cohens. I had so much fun doing it, and I'm sure it saved me money$. I have some veggies on the stove right now that I am going to freeze for him. Time will tell how long I can keep up the homemade baby food though.

Off to make some sweet potatoes for this little man...

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