Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sutton is Five Months....Sort of!

Our sweet Sutton Henry is five months. He was born on September 30, yet there isn't a 30 of February, so I decided he'll stay 4 months for another month:) He is such a joy to us. Everyone comments on what a happy baby he is.

In case you read this one day.... Here are some things I want you to know, Sutton.
-You are a wonderful sleeper. You go to bed at 6pm and sleep until 5am, then back to sleep until 7:30 when your brother wakes you up.
-You love blowing raspberries now. Cohen copies you because he thinks it is so funny.
-You still love your right thumb. It is in your mouth everytime you are fussy or sleepy. Sometimes I will go check on you at night and see that you fell asleep with your thumb in your mouth and your lovie in your other hand.
-You usually sleep on your right side, with your face planted against the crib bumper.
-You love kicking your legs and talking to everyone.
-You laugh out loud several times a day at your brother. He laughs back. I love watching you guys become best friends.
-You roll onto your belly within a couple of minutes of being on your back. After you tire of holding yourself up, you love to lay on your tummy and suck your thumb while watching Mommy and Cohen.
-You laugh and smile at everyone with your cute dimples. Makes my heart melt:)
-You hate the swing, but love the exersaucer.
-You are a good little nurser. (I know, super embarrassing! But Mommy appreciates it)

These boys are so much fun! They interact more every day. Chad and I enjoy every second of them. I even savor the crazy moments because I know they are fleeting, and one day I will miss having spit up all over me and carrying a screaming, kicking 2 year old to my car after a day at the park.
Here are some pictures of my sweet littles.

Counting my blessings twice!

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