Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cohen is Two!!

We had a great time celebrating Cohen's second birthday. On the day of his birthday, I dropped Sutton off at Ms. Lily's house so I could dedicate the day to my big boy. We went to Chick-fil-A and I had free coffee while he played in the play area. We ran errands, then I took him to Ms. Lily's so I could put together his Thomas the Train table we got him for his birthday. Chad and I went to Ms. Lily's at 4:30 for Cohen's birthday party with his friends Liam and Duke. Ms. Lily goes all out for the kids' birthdays. They had fruit, goldfish, and cupcakes. Then Cohen got a birthday gift of 2 diggers from Ms Lily, a camera from Liam, and a bubble-blowing lawnmower from Duke. Ms Lily also gives party favors to Sutton, Duke, and Liam. The "favors" are actual toys, not chincy dollar-bin gifts! We love Ms. Lily.
Saturday was Cohen's big party. The weather was a bit chilly and quite windy, but we all had a great time. It was a construction theme since that is Co's fasination now. I had fun decorating and putting together favor bags, but the wind made my decorating challenging. We had the party at the park down the street so all the kiddos could run wild.
The party hats. Even though most kids didn't wear them.
The table cloths were made to look like roads!

The Favor bags. They had a mini "digger," digger stickers, and Playdoh.

The big truck is where the hot dogs were served. You can see the dirt cake in indivdual cups with "caution" tape.

As you can see, Cohen had a great time. He was smiling the entire time. He got so many great gifts.
His shirt was perfect for his party. My friend Andrea made it, and it was a huge hit with Cohen!
Sweet Sutton was loved on by everyone at the party and got in plenty of cuddle time with his grandparents and aunts.
We came home after the party and all four of us were exhausted. So we all took a 2.5 hour nap! When we woke up Chad wanted to go get Cohen a train with an engine, so we went to Toys R Us and got a train and a potty. I don't plan on potty-training now, but I wanted a potty in the house for him to get used to sitting on.
We had a very wonderful, exhausting weekend with our perfect family of four and all of our extended family and friends. We are so blessed!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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