Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a great 5 years!

Chad and I have been married for 5 years today! He is such an amazing man all around. A little history on the two of us for those that don't know....
We began dating in April 2000. My senior year of high school, his freshman year of college. Pretty quickly we were totally in love. We dated for 3 years then took a "break." This was my decision and Chad wasn't happy with it. Then a few months into the break, I wanted to date Chad again and he wasn't ready to date me. This same story went on for about 2 years. But during this whole time we each went to one another's holiday gatherings, birthday lunches, family cookouts, whatevers. We rarely had a formal discussion on whether we were going to get back together or not, or when this would happen. It was more like both of us knew that one day we would grow up and get married to each other. I never imagined marrying anyone else, and the thought of Chad loving anyone besides me made me sick.
Well, we had been "dating" if you call it that for about 2 weeks when I graduated college in 2005. We were spending a ton of time together, and neither of us were dating anyone else. I graduated somewhere around December 15. I had an interview in Birmingham on December 19. My plan was to move to another city and work for awhile to see if Chad and I were really meant for each other, or if we were just comfortable together. I had dated a few guys during the 2 years we weren't officially together, but he hadn't really dated anyone beyond 1-2 dates and I wanted him to be sure he really wanted to be with me. Well, I called Chad the day of the interview, told him I got the job and would be moving Jan. 2 to Birmingham.
Chad went straight to Jared (I know, he went to Jared) after work that same day and bought me an engagement ring that he picked out. Only he really financed it and didn't "buy" it. He had 11 days to come up with the hefty down payment, but walked out of the store with ring in hand.
On Christmas Eve he asked me to marry him with tears in his eyes in front of his parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt, uncle, and cousins. His dad leaned it to his mom after he asked me and said, "Are they even dating?"
I cried and shook like a leaf and said "YES."
When we got in the car on the way to my apartment he handed me the receipt and said, "get it insured." I saw what it cost and asked him how he was able to pay for it. He told me he didn't pay for it yet, but was planning to sell his car (he had a company truck so he didn't need his car) to pay for the down payment. He had 5 days to do this.
He put his car in the lot across from Target on Dec 26 at 6pm with a For Sale sign on it. He sold it for what he was asking by 7pm. He came up with the payment after all.

Chad was made just for me! He knows me better than I know myself which can be irritating at times. He is just who I dreamed of having for a life-long partner. He could stand to be more romantic and more spontaneous, but I am sure he wishes I were as big of a Braves fan as he, and would stand up and jump around like a lunatic when Heyward hit a grand slam this week. I'm not going to lie and say every day has been blissful over the last five years, because we have our disagreements. The first year of our marriage was extremely difficult. Mainly because he is a micro-manager, Dave Ramsey, finance/economic degree holding saver. Where I am...........not like that. But we are an awesome team and the funnest, coolest, rowdiest parents ever!!
I think it is unbelievable how deciding to go to Waffle House with some girlfriends in high-school changed my life forever. And I met Chad.
God has a great sense of humor. I am SO SO blessed.

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