Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We need a goat! And a baby update!

I have been asking for a pet goat since I was in high school. I've been asking Chad for one since we got married, however we have yet to live in a place that would accommodate a goat. I think they are so sweet and cute, and then you don't even have to mow your yard either. Well, Cohen loves goats too!
Every time we go to the zoo, which is about twice a month, Cohen's favorite thing to do is pet and brush the goats. He isn't intimidated by them at all. He's such an animal lover. Yesterday, he walked right past a goat lying down, to the bucket that holds the brushes, then back to the goat. He brushed him for a couple of minutes, until he saw another goat, then ran to brush him for a bit, then returned to the first goat! He truly cannot get enough of the goats.
 These two were from a zoo trip a few weeks back with Nana, Cale, and Uncle Kyle. Petting goats again.

Well, maybe more like pulling the goat's tail here:)
Cohen is such a joy! I love this age so much and I am so looking forward to watching him learn more and more everyday, then repeating it all with baby Sutton, then again with more children if God blesses us with more.
Cohen loves books! He can say "book" now and it is literally the first word he says when we walk into his room in the morning. He points to his bookcase in his room and says "book." He currently favors "Rainbow Fish" and "The Little Engine That Could."  He also just recently started saying "sit" and tells everyone to sit, including all the zoo animals that were not sitting. At first, I was a little unsure of what my sweet little boy was saying...I didn't think it was "sit."
Here is a picture of Cohen, Cale, and Nana reading a bedtime story together.
Oh, Update on the baby.....
Ultrasound today went wonderfully. He is growing right on track, and his belly is measuring what it should be. He has dropped into his starting position which is making me pretty stinkin' uncomfortable. He is way more active than Cohen was in utero. This guy wakes me up several times per night with his swift kicks. On the ultrasound today he was stretched out with his ankles crossed. Seriously, child, do you think there is enough room to lay completely stretched out in there? I'm still hoping for a great sleeper and mild-mannered child like Cohen. I'll start Babywise the second week with this boy and hope for the best.
Life is about to get even crazier and I can't wait!!!

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