Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cloth Diapers!

So, I am really loving this cloth diaper thing. I still don't send Cohen to the babysitter or his Nana's house in cloth diapers because I know most people are somewhat scared of the idea. My mother used the old school kind on me, so she doesn't have a problem with them. I don't think...I haven't really asked her. Mom?
Anyway, it is easy to get really addicted to it. It is somewhat of a hobby learning about the different types and brands of diapers. My great friend Melissa began cloth-diapering with her son right around the time I started, except she dove into it pretty quickly, where it has taken me awhile to fall in love with cloth. She told me about this great website from a store in Pittsburg where she lives. It is called It has a ton of information on cloth-diapering and you can order basically any product you can think of for diapering with free shipping. I am SO glad she introduced the website to me.
I still have reservations about cleaning the poop from the diapers so I put in a flushable liner when I expect Cohen to poo so I can just flush the liner with poo on it, and throw the diaper in the laundry. So easy! I am planning to continue to use cloth for Cohen until he potty-trains, and also to use cloth for the new baby, who as of today, is named Sutton Henry!
Melissa has given me great advice on cloth diapers for toddlers and newborns. So I ran the cost of cloth diapers vs the cost of disposables by Chad last night, and he did agree that it sounds like a good idea. He just said, "Please don't ever wash my clothes with those diapers." Don't worry, I won't. Unless you get on my bad side:) Just kidding!
So, I would highly encourage anyone who is even remotely curious about cloth-diapers and the benefits of cloth to check out and ask friends about their experiences. I bet you will love it if  you just get started.
Off to the doctor to check on Baby Sutton!
Have a wonderful, lovely, not-too-hot August day:)

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  1. I asked my mother about how she cleaned the poop out of our cloth diapers and she said that she would basically hold them in the toliet water and shake. If that didn't work she would hold onto to it TIGHTLY (so it wouldn't go down) and flush. My Aunt said she used a diaper service. Do those even exist any more?? We are getting ready to switch to cloth and I am thinking about using the GDiapers. Have you heard of them?