Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just for Mommies!

So....I just got off the phone with one of my best friends who is expecting her first child soon. We were discussing breastfeeding, and I got a bit anxious at the thought of doing it again. So I copied this list from http://www.thebump.com/ to remind me, and anyone else who cares, why I need to breastfeed.
10 Reasons Why
Breastfeeding Doesn't Suck

1. You'll feel far less crazy (we promise!)
A study of postpartum mamas found that those who breastfed their babies showed far less anxiety and more mutuality at one month postpartum than those who didn't.
2. It lowers the risk of childhood cancers
One study found the risk of childhood cancer in formula-fed children was 2-8 times that of long-term breastfed children. The risk for short-term formula feeders was 1-9 times that of long-term breast feeders.
3. ...And breast cancer in mamas!
Get this: If women who breast fed for less than 3 months were to stick it out for 4 to 12 months, breast cancer among parous premenopausal women could be reduce by 11%. And if they stayed with it for 24 months or longer, those risks could be reduced by nearly 25%.
4. Smart kids rule
Studies show that breastfed babies have significantly higher IQs by 8 years old than babies who didn't breastfeed -- even after adjusting the stats for differences between groups and Mom's educational and social class.
5. You could save on braces
The longer you breastfeed, the lower the liklihood that baby will suffer from malocclusion -- aka a fancy word for misalignment of the teeth and dental arches.
6. It cuts down on childhood obesity
Breastfeeding has long been tied with reducing the rate of childhood obesity, regardless of Mom's diabetes or weight status.
7. Allergies and ailments are no biggie
Respiratory wheezing, influenza, diarrhea, allergies, and eczema are way less common in breastfed babies -- think about all those trips to the doc you won't have to make!
8. It saves lives -- and government money!
If just 90% of US mamas breastfed exclusively for 6 months, not only would an estimated 900 babies live, but the United States would save $13 billion per year. (Yep, $13 BILLION.)
9. Oh, and it'll save you a ton of cash, too
Believe it or not, formula supplies for just six months can cost upwards of $1,000.
10. You'll fit into your skinny jeans faster!
Breastfeeding burns an average of 500 calories a day. Yes, really. Need we say more?

I nursed Cohen for 11 very long months. I would have nursed him until he was 2 if he didn't wean himself at 11 months.
First of all, nursing is very painful. I only had 2 friends that warned me of the pain that comes with nursing a child. I am hoping this time around is less painful. Secondly, at 3 months old, Cohen had only gained 2 pounds over his birthweight. Not good. And I nursed him 8-12 times a day. The day he turned 12 weeks I went to see a lactation nurse for the fourth time. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. The nurse tested the fat content of my milk and discovered it was half the fat of "normal" breastmilk. Wonderful! She sent me home with an overwhelming amount of information on ways to increase your milk supply. The next day I began taking 26 pills a day to maintain an adequate milk supply!!! I did this every day until he quit nursing. The entire 11 months were very stressful to me because it was never "easy." And I am a labor and delivery nurse with a breastfeeding certification!!! 

With all that said....
I totally enjoyed the convienience of nursing, the bonding time, the low cost, and how quickly I lost the weight I gained. Thankfully, Cohen didn't seem to be affected by anything I ate. Some friends couldn't eat dairy while nursing because it made their babies sick.  I am crossing my fingers hoping for an easier time with baby boy 2. However, this entire pregnancy has been so different than the last, that I have no idea what to expect from him:) Already acting MUCH different than his big brother.

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