Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look what Motherhood does to me...

I have never been one to partake in crafts. Well, not since the glory days of Girlscouts. Since I have become a Mommy I have discovered I can make so many of the cute things that I spent a fortune on buying for Cohen.
Yesterday I went to my favorite store Textiles Fabrics and spent $99 on several different fabrics to make a few things. I am making baby gifts for friends and baby Cochrane. I am also making a bedskirt for Cohen's crib. (I have decided I will buy/borrow a second crib for him because he will NOT be ready for a big boy bed at 18 months. Cohen will move into the other bedroom, and baby will take over Cohen's nursery).
Here are my projects for next week during Co's nap times.
This is a wipe case covered in cute fabric. Super easy to make!!

I got a cover similar to this for Cohen, and it was $55 + shipping!!
I'm sure I can make it for about $10 and 2 hours of my time!
I encourage all of my Mommy friends to get crafty. It is so fun to me:) It all started when I began making Cohen's baby food at 6 months when he ate his first solids. I got such a reward from knowing I was 1) saving our family money 2) putting only the healthiest food possible into my sweet child's developing body and brain.
Speaking of healthy food... There have been recent news reports on the definite link between pesticides and lower IQ scores in children when the mother consumed foods high in pesticides while pregnant, and when children themselves consumed high levels of pesticides. Sounds super scary!
Apples, oranges, and strawberries topped the list. I am not super concerned about that though because we, nor Co, eat much, if any, of those fruits. But Cohen does eat a whole bag of grapes by himself every 10 days or so! So I decided I would buy organic grapes since he consumes those in mass quantities. (Grapes were on the list with some of the lowest pesticide residue). What I shock I got when I looked at the receipt and saw that 1 bag of red seedless grapes costs $9.74 at Whole Foods!!!! It is so crazy that only the so called "middle or upper class" can afford to eat foods low in pesticides.

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